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Shinta Bachir Sexy Actress in Hantu Tanah Kusir

Shinta Bachir is Indonesian girl born at Wonosobo, Central Java in 1986. Her name suddenly popular after starred in film “Suster Keramas” with Japanese actress Rin Sakuragi. Shinta Bachir now is titled as hot Star as she likes to appear sexy and vulgar in her film. With height 167 cm and weight 49 kg, plus sexy body, Shinta Bachir now has a bright future as an actress. Another film she had starred was Taring.

Her latest is film “Hantu Tanah Kusir”. Shinta Bachir will play with Japan Idol Miyabi (use name Pauleen in the film). Shinta is really hot and even appears in vulgar hot scene in film Hantu Tanah Kusir.

The title “Indonesia Bom Sex” is suitable for Shinta Bachir. She always appears sexy every time. In film “Taring” Shinta Bachir even take off her bra and lingerie.

During World Cup 2010, Shinta Bachir face can be watched everyday on RCTI Quiz Programme “Kring Kring World Cup”. With her team mate Nabila Putri, Shinta Bachir success to host the quiz programm become popular. We don’t sure if audience actually like to win the quiz price, or just only watch the face of Shinta Bachir who also has a sexy stunning dark body .

Recently, Shinta Bachir is more focusing on her music career rather than film industy. Her debut single hits is “Cari Uang”. Hope Shinta Bachir will success in the future.

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